Jardin Wicker specializes in fine cane furniture restoration, serving Contra Costa, the East Bay, Marin and San Francisco.

We provide a full range of professional woven seat repair services with absolute expertise and reliability.

Our services include: caning repair, machine caning repair, wicker repair, rattan repair, splint seat reweaving, rush seating, binder cane, Shaker tape, hickory seating, Danish cord weaving and more.

Specialty painting and staining
services are available
caned chair

What kind of caned chair do I have?

Hand Caning View from top of hand caned chair

Hand Caning

A hand caned chair has holes drilled into the seat of the chair. The cane is laced through these holes and looped underneath the seat. This style of cane is woven by hand one strand at a time.

Hand Caning View from underside of hand caned chair

If you turn your chair upside-down you can see where the cane is looped and knotted along the bottom of the seat.

Machine Caning View from top of machine caned chair

Machine Caning

A machine caned chair has a groove along the edge of the chair seat where a pre-woven sheet of cane is pressed in and held in place with a spline. If you turn your chair upside-down, you will not see any knots or loops of cane along the bottom of the seat.